Raag Maajh

Raag Maajh was composed by the Fifth Sikh Guru (Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji). The Raag’s origins are based in Punjabi Folk Music and its essence was inspired by the Majha regions traditions of ‘Ausian’; the game of waiting and yearning for the return of a loved one. The feelings evoked by Raag Maajh have often been compared to that of a mother waiting for her child to return after a long period of separation. She has an anticipation and hope for the child’s return, although at the same moment she is painfully aware of the uncertainty of their return home. Raag Maajh brings to life the emotion of extreme love and this is highlighted by the sorrow and anguish of separation. Raag Maajh is usually sung between late in the afternoons between the hours of 3 PM at 6 PM.

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